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  • Resolution R-14-0001 - Corporate manager liquor license application for Bradley Neunaber, Hidden Valley Golf Course
  • Resolution R-14-0002 - Changing the name of the Lincoln-Lancaster County Personnel Department to Lincoln-Lancaster County Human Resources Department
  • Resolution R-14-0003 - Chief Deputy Elected Official salary increases for the 2014 calendar year
  • Resolution R-14-0004 - Setting salaries for Elected County Officials for the 2015-2018 term
  • Resolution R-14-0005 - Installation of a right curve sign at Yankee Hill Road and South 84th Street for eastbound traffic
  • Resolution R-14-0006 - Setting waiting periods for employees in the classified service
  • Resolution R-14-0007 - County Text Amendment No. 13013, text amendment to the Lancaster County Zoning Resolution
  • Resolution R-14-0008 - County Special Permit No. 13051, granting authority to allow a commercial composting operation on property generally located at S. 134th Street and Pella Road
  • Resolution R-14-0009 - Dissolution of the Countrylane Estates Road Improvement District
  • Resolution R-14-0010 - Application for a Class Y (Farm Winery) Liquor License for Country Pines Vineyard, LLC, located at 6305 West Adams Street, Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska
  • Resolution R-14-0011 - Adopting benefits for Lancaster County employees in the Unclassified Service
  • Resolution R-14-0012 - Setting the contribution rates for the Post Employment Health Plan (PEHP) for all eligible unrepresented classified and unclassified employees
  • Resolution R-14-0013 - Instituting eminent proceedings against Madeline Ahlschwede at N.W. 112th and W. Mill Road
  • Resolution R-14-0014 - An application for a Class IK Liquor License for Prairie Plate Restaurant, LLC, located at 10405 Branched Oak Road
  • Resolution R-14-0015 - Prohibiting smoking and the use of electronic cigarettes in all buildings, offices, vehicles and equipment owned or leased by the County of Lancaster
  • Resolution R-14-0016 - Transferring appropriations from the General Fund Miscellaneous Budget to the General Fund Election Commissioner Budget
  • Resolution R-14-0017 - County Change of Zone No. 14001, requesting a change of zone from AG Agricultural to AGR Agricultural Residential on property generally located at S. 72nd Street and Roca Road

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