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Emergency Management

About Emergency Management

Room: 001, 233 S. 10th St. Bldg.
Office Hours: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday thru Friday
Phone: 402-441-7441 or 402-441-7442 (24 hours during emergencies)

Lincoln-Lancaster County Emergency Management (Civil Defense) is a joint city-county agency authorized by city ordinance, county resolution, city-county interlocal agreement and state statutes. The agency's offices are located in the Emergency Operating Center (EOC) on the lower level of the 233 S. 10th St. Bldg., Rm. 001.

Primary functions include assisting Emergency Management in planning for efficient operations during disasters, acting as liaison between emergency operations agencies and city-county executives, maintaining the EOC for use at any time, developing and maintaining city-county warning systems, training severe storm spotters and coordinating storm watch operations, coordinating four-wheel-drive medical personnel transport blizzard operations, planning and conducting various types of training exercises, instructing and assisting the general public in disaster procedure, administering the federal Population Protection Program, assisting schools, hospitals, nursing homes, business and industry in developing and implementing disaster plans.

Since September 11, 2001, Emergency Mangagement has become the main contact Department between the Department of Homeland Security and local units of government. Federal grants are administered through Emergency Management and those agencies receiving Federal funding. Since Homeland Security funds became available, over $2,000,000.00 has been funneled through Emergency Management and those receiving agencies. In addition to monitoring and coordinating Homeland Security Grant Funds, Emergency Management maintains the Local Emergency Operations Plan for all of Lancaster County. This document is on file at the Emergency Operations Center and a generic version is available online for review by the public. Numerous annexes or classified material have been omitted for security reasons.

Emergency Management functions within four areas of disaster management:

  1. Mitigation - Mitigation is where we attemp to reduce the hazard as best we can. Area examined but not limited to is Flood Plain Management. A strong working relationship has been established between Emergency Management, South Platte NRD and City-County Planning. Other areas addressed in the "Mitigation" process are "Hazard Mitigation" planning to address an all hazards approach of reducing the effects of any form of disaster.
  2. Preparedness - How to prepare for events that not only could occur but rather will occur in the future. Technological advance has made warning the general public of approaching events extremely hi-tech. Continued advancements have been made and will continue through the department of Emergency Management. Planning, training and exercising are areas we are actively involved in. All response agencies within Lancaster County have have been actively involved this process. Tabletop exercises, fuctional exercises are common place each year within Lancaster County.