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Human Services

What's new in Lincoln?

  1. Domestic Violence has more support. In addition to shelter at the Friendship Home, St. Gianna's is now open through Catholic Social Services
  2. EITC tax support for filing your taxes are easy. There are many places you can go for help. For a listing call the Community Action Partnership at 402-471-4515.
  3. Project Everlast comes to Lincoln. This is a large collaborative endeavor to better address the needs of foster kids aging out of the system.
  4. The Keno Prevention Fund Committee reviewed applications totaling over $62,023 in requests. They funded 10 out of the 11 proposals to award the $46,741 they had available. The reserve fund has now reached $1 million. We are examining more aggressive ways to invest fro a greater return.
  5. The Reentry Program hopes to better prepare youth coming back from Geneva and Kearney juvenile facilities.
  6. The Homeless Coalition takes a look at the negative effects of "trafficking" in this community.
  7. The RFP for Community Mental Health Services is now available. FMI contact Region V Systems at 402-441-4343.
  8. The Sudanese Program at the Salvation Army has been very successful. This project was invited by our juvenile justice office to assist in supervising youth and inviting parents to participate as well. The turnout has been great on both counts. FMI call the Salvation Army at 402-474-6263 and talk to Captain Pennington.
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