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Medical Services

The Medical Services Department of the Community Mental Health Center provides outpatient evaluation; medical management and crisis intervention for CMHC adult clients. Physicians, advanced nurse practitioners and nurses support appropriate psychiatric care for CMHC patients using the bio-psycho social approach.

Our Focus is the recovery to render treatment in the most effective manner possible and to assist patients in maximizing their highest level of productivity and quality of life in the community.


  • Sanat K. Roy, MD, DFAPA, Board Certified Psychiatrist, Medical Director
  • Patricia Bohart, MD, Board Certified Psychiatrist
  • Lisa Young, MSN, APRN-BC
  • Natalie Bratcher, RN, BSN
  • Galen Bernadt, RN
  • Alan Fulton, RN; Supervisor

The Medical Services Department provides individual as well as group education to stress the importance of education and consistent adherence with prescribed medication. The purpose of our medication management services is to decrease symptoms related to mental illness by assessing, prescribing medication, monitoring therapeutic effects and side effects.

Our staff will assist with applying for various patient assistance programs to obtain low cost or free medications. Our medical staff provides regular medication review. Our collective teaching reinforces wellness and we support maximum functioning in the community. With medication, individuals can manage their symptoms of mental illness and with staff support we hope to increase the individual's insight regarding his/her illness and how to manage wellness to their best benefit.

Medical Services has psychiatric coverage 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The availability of inpatient hospitalization at BryanLGH West Medical Center, as well as CMHC's Partial Hospitalization Program meet the needs of our individuals served at the proper level of care. Our physicians admit at BryanLGH West and provide inpatient care in the hospital setting for CMHC adult clients. Our physicians also assist with clinical supervision and consultation with other agencies in Lancaster County.

Access to Care: Patients are screened for and admitted to our program when it is determined that the individual meets the criteria set forth by the Community Mental Health Center of Lancaster County. Referrals for medication management come from Outpatient Community Support, Jail Diversion, Homeless/Special Needs Programs, the Lancaster County Crisis Center and the Partial Hospitalization Program. Our physicians assist with and participate in staffing; consult with case managers and therapist to review progress, recovery and the achievement of wellness.