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Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

The Community Mental Health Center of Lancaster County is dedicated to providing quality mental health care and rehabilitation services for adults, who experience acute psychological distress or serious mental illness

Organizational Principals/Values

  1. Maintain core functions that are responsive to consumer needs.
  2. Provide quality and recovery services.
  3. Collaborate with other agencies.
  4. Maintain and enhance agency funding.
  5. Organize similar program components together for efficiency.
  6. Manage special projects effectively.
  7. CMHC activities should be as efficient as possible.

Goals for CMHC

  1. Provide the necessary leadership and support to manage flat State funding in the next year.
  2. Achieve and maintain accreditation by CARF to address quality of services.
  3. By utilizing the task force studying electronic medical records move toward selection and implementation, in the next year.
  4. Provide leadership in Region V's Peer Worker initiative.
  5. Reaffirm and continue to reduce stigma by improving awareness and provide accurate information with regard to persons with mental illness and their recovery in our community.
  6. Conduct the Nontraditional Arts Festival in the Haymarket, August 2010. This will be grant funded and include artists from Region V and Region VI.
  7. Implement a rehabilitation/recovery program at Midtown Center in the next year.
  8. Improve the efficiency with which outpatient based services are provided while maintaining quality ethical treatment and recovery.