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Current Artist

Always in Stitches - Shelly Burge's Art Enlivens the County-City's First Floor Exhibition Gallery

Always in Stitches, a display of fiber art by Shelly Burge, will be on display from March - May 2015 in the 1st floor Exhibition Gallery within Lincoln's County-City Building. Shelly takes her artwork seriously, but she doesn't feel the subject matter of her work always has to be in a serious vein, as viewers will notice in, How Now Purple Cow. Other pieces in the exhibit were inspired by history, current events, and nature. Fabric cut from used clothing, vintage game tokens, and embellishments cut from sheets of copper are some of the unique items incorporated into her work.

Shelly learned to sew when she was four years old by helping her grandmother make doll clothes. She started making traditional quilts in 1973, the skillful workmanship apparent in the pieces on display attest to her expertise. In time, she started creating her own original quilt designs and eventually became interested in fiber art. Numerous pieces in the show are made with fabrics Shelly created herself using dyeing, painting, and bleach discharge techniques.

Many Lincolnites may remember the large quilt that Shelly created for the Crane River Brewpub in downtown Lincoln. That quilt now hangs in Hardin Hall on the UNL east campus. In 2012 she designed a quilt for the Nebraska Governor's mansion and collaborated with a group of Nebraska State Quilt Guild members to complete the work. That quilt was presented to the people of Nebraska by the Guild and it is on permanent display in the lower level of the mansion.

Often I'm drawn to the number Phi (the golden ratio) and all its influences through out the ages. Phi (1.618...) is the only number or thing that is found in nature, music, art, architecture, human bone growth, hurricanes, galaxies, and credit cards. My paintings often explore ideas that identify and illustrate the nature of this amazing number.

Shelly is an author, lecturer and quilting instructor. She has traveled across the country and to Europe to teach classes on quilt making. She was one of the founders of the Nebraska State Quilt Guild and is a National Quilting Association certified quilt judge. In 2009 she was named to the Nebraska Quilters Hall of Fame.

Shelly Burge's Art

Shelly Burge's Art

Shelly Burge's Art

Shelly Burge's Art
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