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Tips to Avoid Fraud

Tips to Avoid Fraud

September 2009
Thanks to The Chief's Corner for these things to remember to avoid scams.

  1. You haven't won any lotteries for which you bought no tickets. If you actually did win a lottery, they wouldn't be contacting you by email, and you wouldn't be required to send money to claim your prize.
  2. You never pay for anything in advance, upon the expectation that it will actually be delivered, unless you can independently confirm its existence and deliverability—except a college education, in which case you have no other choice.
  3. No legitimate buyer sends you a check for more than the purchase price and asks you to wire the excess to them, much less to a third party in another country.
  4. Anyone can cut and paste the logo from PayPal or eBay and make that email you receive look legitimate, if you don't have your …detector activated.

The grandson scam was perpetuated again against an 80-year-old woman. She wired $5,400 to him for medical and vehicle expenses purportedly incurred in an accident with the promise that he'd pay her back when he received the insurance money. The man wasn't her grandson. Several other potential victims sensed something was wrong and didn't bite on various scams.

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