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Andy Stebbing
Lancaster County Treasurer

Wait time success at DMV

DMV standing in line is becoming quicker.

Once I took office I really attacked a problem that was at the County Treasurer's Office. People standing in line to pay the government. It just seems so wrong. Below is what we have accomplished so far to speed up that waiting line at the DMV. We have a lot more coming. We have add a drop off and pick up option, a phone-in procedure, and we are open longer hours. Much more but these are next up.

  1. The drive through is open longer. 7 am to 5 pm.
  2. We have added a drop-off box, for pick-up later.
  3. We now offer re-newal by phone.
  4. Sick leave use is down 50 to 75%.
  5. Internet renewals are increasing, by threefold.
  6. We changed the mail renewal system. Mail renewals are increasing by more than double.
  7. Plates and titles are now at West O Street facility.
  8. Renewals are now being done at 555. S. 10th Street.
  9. We have better signage to direct people to the correct area within the building. Much better flow of individuals.
  10. We have implemented scanners and bar codes.
  11. We now take credit and debit cards.
  12. Keeping our website updated and current. We now have almost all popular forms listed there.
  13. All forms and documents readily available at the clerk's windows.
  14. Restructured the organizational chart and created supervisors to improve the document review process.
  15. Better training for staff to improve processing time.
  16. New Policies and facility operations manuals to help clerks process paperwork and improve service.
  17. Relaxed the dress code. (this is changing)
  18. Employees that rededicate themselves each and every day to public service.
  19. Started a customer service survey available in the lobby of each facility to address what is important to you.
  20. Improving the facilities through remodeling and repair.
  21. Reassessing workload and reassigning employees to help address delays.
  22. Hiring less expensive on-call workers to help at peak workload times.
  23. Restating our commitment to exceptional customer service that is within or under budget.
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