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Andy Stebbing
Lancaster County Treasurer

Drivers License Questions

Where can I find drivers license offices?
Drivers License Testing
500 West "O" Street
Office hours 7:30 4:30

Drivers License Mini Station (No testing available at this location)
625 North 46th Street
Office Hours 7:30 4:30
Where do I get or renew my Drivers license?
Get your New or Renew your drivers license at 500 West "O" Street, or you can renew your license at 625 North 46th Street.
How much does it cost for Drivers License, Permit & Identification Card fees?
State of Nebraska License, Permit & State Identification Card Fees 
I have moved here from another state how long do I have before I need to get a Nebraska drivers license?
You are required by State Law to obtain a Nebraska Drivers License within 30 days of moving into the state unless you are considered a "student".
My address has changed, or my name has changed, what do I do?

An address change would require you to surrender your current license or ID card, fill out an application, pay the appropriate replacement fee of $13.50. You will also need to provide two forms of address verification with the NEW address on them.

The procedure is same for a name change plus you must also provide us with legal certified proof of the name change, e.g. marriage license, divorce decree, court documents, etc.

What if I am having problems getting my Drivers License renewed online?
You need to be over 21 years of age or under 65 Years of age to renew your Drivers License online. The online Drivers License Programs all go thru the State Department Of Motor Vehicles. 402-471-3861
I am out of state and I need to replace a lost or stolen drivers license what can I do?

A duplicate license, permit, or State ID Card may be obtained by mail if a resident is outside of Nebraska at the time of application.(Note: You must appear in person to apply for a duplicate Commercial License or Permit.)

A properly completed "Application for Revision of an Operator's License, Permit, or ID Card Form" is required,

as well as acceptable proof of Identification and two forms of proof of address. Acceptable proof of address 

The fee for a duplicate/replacement License or I.D. card is $13.50 and can be paid by check or money order. Please be sure to include your current "mailing address" with your request so that your duplicate is mailed to the right location. You will need to send your request along with the required fee to our office at:

Lancaster County Treasurer
Attn: Drivers License
625 N 46th Street
Lincoln NE 68503

Questions regarding Duplicate Licenses, Permits, or State ID Cards, may be addressed by contacting the State DMV office at (402) 471-3918.

I have received my temporary paper driver license, however the original copy has not arrived yet and it has been more then 30 days. What should I do?
Call 402-471-3861.
When obtaining learners permits, all drivers licenses, and state identification cards, you must be able to confirm your current address by providing two forms of address verification. What is acceptable?
Acceptable proof of address 
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