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Lancaster County Problem Solving Programs consist of several unique programs intended to help an individual overcome their charges and avoid the consequences of having a criminal record.  Participation in any program is voluntary. Each program has specific criteria for eligibility. See each programs tab for individual program and eligibility criteria. 

To be eligible for a Problem-Solving Program: 

1. Applicants must be charged with a misdemeanor or felony of an Eligible Offense as an adult in County Court. 

2. Applicants must comply with the following 90-day rule for application: 

  1. An application to Community Corrections must be made within 90 days of the first scheduled court date (i.e., arraignment). 
  2. Failure to appear at arraignment when defendant has signed the citation or posted a bond with the court date does not stop the 90-day clock. 
  3. The first scheduled court date is the date on a signed citation, the date on a posted bond, or when a defendant is arrested and brought to court for arraignment. 
  4. Exceptions to the 90-day rule include: i. Arrest warrant issued due to incorrect date for arraignment on citation and no notice to defendant of filing. ii. Competency evaluation has been ordered. 

3. Applicants must complete a Constitutional Rights Questionnaire and waiver of rights. 

4. Applicants must complete a Risk and Needs Triage (RANT) assessment during the application review process. 

Note: Eligible Applicants denied participation in a Problem-Solving Program may have their case(s) considered for a Problem-Solving Court if they meet the minimum requirements of the Problem-Solving Court. Please contact Community Corrections for additional information. 

Please see the Problem-Solving Program Criteria for further eligibility requirements.  

Problem-Solving Program Criteria

Effective:  January 1, 2024

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Referral Form - Problem-Solving Programs and the Adult Drug Court

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    Please include as much information as possible.  

    Applications will be considered for all Community Corrections Diversion Programs.  Community Corrections staff will make a recommendation to the County Attorney's Office for final approval.  

    *Drug Court Judges will make the final decision regarding eligibility for the Drug Court Program.

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