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If approved by the Courts, an individual is able to serve their sentence at a suitable residence.  Every participant in the House Arrest program is required to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet.   All House Arrest participants are also subject to random drug and alcohol testing.  Violation of any of the terms of House Arrest will result in an individual's return to custody immediately. 

District Court House Arrest Sentence Option:

  • Targeting the final months of a felony sentence, may require a substance abuse treatment component.
  • The offender requests an application from jail staff who will review and report any disciplinary history while incarcerated.
  •  A participation fee is assessed based on length of sentence.

County Court House Arrest Sentencing Option:

  •  Judge may sentence house arrest in lieu of jail time, as permitted by statute.
  •  Incarcerated individuals can request to complete a portion of their sentence on house arrest by   requesting an application from jail staff.
  •  A participation fee is assessed based on length of sentence.    

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