Juvenile Probation

Juvenile Probation

The Juvenile Probation Office for Lancaster County is a state agency and is officially the District 3J State Probation Office.  Juvenile Probation is responsible for the risk assessment, case management and accountability of juveniles who are under the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Court.   Juvenile Probation is also responsible for the risk assessment process and detention decisions for those youth taken into custody by law enforcement for new offenses.

Our mission is to reduce risk factors in youth and build pro-social competencies so they can achieve their potential 
and be less likely to commit future law violations

More information about Juvenile Probation visit this State of Nebraska link.

Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corps has selected Lancaster County as one of its partners in a new Training and Technical Assistance Project. For more information about the project visit this Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corp link.  

Contact Us:

605 S. 10th Street, Room 302
Lincoln, NE 68508

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402-441-7364 - Phone
402-441-6052 - Fax

Our Team:

Beverly Hoagland
Chief Probation Officer
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Martin Jensen
Chief Deputy Probation Officer
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