Service Fees

All State of Nebraska filings/papers issued to the Sheriff’s Office for service, whether it be from the Courts or a Nebraska attorney’s office, will have an invoice sent to them after service is completed. Billing attorneys for service fees is a privilege and not a right. State Statute 33-120 allows us to collect our fees in advance before rendering service. Any entity located outside the state of Nebraska will be required to pre pay for services.

Papers from the litigants themselves must have a prepaid deposit, either by cash, check, or credit/debit card payment OR a copy of your IFP Order from the court, before service. IFP Orders from other states will not be honored. The deposit is separate from any filing fees paid to the Court Clerk to have a paper issued. Any papers received from the courts where the litigants are requesting service, but have not paid for service through the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office shall have their papers returned directly to the courts with no service attempted. 

Service of process from courts outside of Nebraska is a courtesy this office is pleased to extend, however, it is not mandated by state statute nor can the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office be bound by another state’s requirements for service. Prepayment is required for out of state papers that will be served within Lincoln and Lancaster County. The only legal documents accepted by fax and/or email are protection orders and mental health warrants. See below for service fees.

If you are filing papers with another court, please bring the papers to be served with you or mail them with a cover letter that includes a check/money order or contact information so that we can contact you for credit card payment prior to attempting service.

Fees for service inside Lancaster County: 

• Filed in the state of Nebraska / to be served inside city limits of Lincoln - $25.00 

• Filed in the state of Nebraska / to be served outside city limits of Lincoln- $50.00 

• Filed in state other than Nebraska / to be served inside city limits of Lincoln -$35.00 

• Filed in state other than Nebraska / to be served outside city limits of Lincoln -$50.00  

Cash, checks, and credit/debit cards are accepted. There is a 3% charge when paying with a card.  All fees charged to use credit cards are retained by the payment processing company. The county does not retain any portion of the fees.

These fees are a combination of the cost for process, service, mileage and return.

Please call the Civil Division at (402) 441-7724 if you have additional questions.