Lancaster County Housing Rehabilitation Program

Lancaster County has partnered with the Southeast Nebraska Development District (SENDD) to offer a housing rehabilitation grant program. The funding for the program comes from $420,000 of Lancaster County’s Community Development Block Grant program funds that the county is repurposing to better meet the needs of its constituents.

The housing program will provide grant funding of up to $24,999 (not including any costs for lead-based paint situations). The program will focus on rehabilitation of substandard home conditions. In order to qualify for the grant, the property must be owner-occupied, and the owner must meet certain income guidelines. Incomes must be below 80% of the median household income for Lancaster County. The program will only apply to property owners outside of the Lincoln city limits but within Lancaster County. “It is our goal to reach out to rural homeowners who could benefit from this grant funding to complete necessary home improvement projects that will ideally increase their quality of life,” said Lancaster County Board Chair Sean Flowerday.

SENDD will administer the program, citizens with questions about the program can reach SENDD at (402) 475-2560 or click here to complete the application process. Lancaster County estimates that it will be able to assist fourteen owner-occupied properties through the rehabilitation program. It is anticipated that the program will be completed within two years.

Lancaster County Housing Rehabilitation Program Application

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