2021 Lancaster County Resolutions

  • Resolution R-21-0001 (PDF) -  Annual salary increase for appointed directors, assistant directors, bailiffs and child support referee.
  • Resolution R-21-0002 (PDF) -  Authorizing the County Board Chair or Vice Chair to sign the Agreement with Felsburg, Holt & Ullevig for Environmental Services/Public Information meeting.
  • Resolution R-21-0003 (PDF) -  Amending Article 4.005H of the Lancaster County Zoning Regulations relating to Farm Wineries.
  • Resolution R-21-0004 (PDF) -  Fixing salaries for Elected Officials’ Chief Deputies.
  • Resolution R-21-0005 (PDF) -  Authorizing the Chair to sign as Chief Executive Officer and accept the Emergency Rental Assistance Program award terms on behalf of the County Board.