Mission & Goals

The education of the public concerning noxious weeds and the economic and ecological impact they have, exercising the necessary authority to obtain effective control of unmanaged noxious weeds. Ensuring the high quality of life expected by the residents of Lincoln by overseeing the weed abatement within city limits and exercising the necessary authority to cut and clear overgrown weeds and worthless vegetation.

Our Mission & Goals include: 

Prevent the development of new noxious and invasive weed infestations

Provide education and public outreach about noxious and invasive weed control

Provide ongoing management of State of Nebraska and Lancaster County designated noxious weeds, as well as the City of Lincoln Weed Abatement program

Inform the citizens of Lincoln of the legal requirements and benefits of cutting and clearing overgrown weeds and worthless vegetation

Inform the landowners of Lancaster County of the legal requirements and benefits of controlling noxious weeds

Efficiently and effectively exercise authority when necessary to obtain acceptable noxious weed control throughout the County and overgrown vegetation in the City of Lincoln

Improve efficiency and effectiveness of operations through integrated management techniques.