General Felony Division


The General Felony Division is tasked with vigorously prosecuting some of the most serious crimes occurring within our community, including murder, manslaughter, kidnapping, arson, burglary, robbery, felony assault, firearm offenses, prison-setting offenses, felony child abuse, and high value theft offenses. These highly trained and experienced prosecutors work alongside law enforcement to respond to violent, destructive, and repeated criminal conduct by holding offenders accountable and protecting the interests of victims.  

 Goals and Objectives

 The five General Felony Division attorneys work closely with all state and federal law enforcement agencies, include the Lincoln Police Department, Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Police Department, Nebraska State Patrol, and Nebraska Department of Correctional Services.  

This group of attorneys share over 100 years of combined prosecution and trial experience. Each attorney manages an open caseload of 100 to 150 cases and provides case management guidance and assistance to the other criminal division attorneys. The attorneys also assist the County Attorney and Chief Deputy with administrative responsibilities of the office.