2021 Award of Excellence Winners

January 2021
Holly Newton - Community Corrections
Category: Productivity
January 2021 Productivity Kim Etherton and Holly NewtonKim Etherton, Community Corrections Director, and Holly Newton
February 2021
Troy Monzon - Property Management
Category: Loss PreventionFebruary 2021 Loss Prevention  Kerin Peterson Troy Monzon and  Dee AdamsKerin Peterson, Facilities and Properties Director, Troy Monzon, and Dee Adams, Facilities Manager
March 2021

                          Jerry Smith - Property Management                         Category: Safety

March 2021 Safety Kerin Peterson Jerry Smith and Jim Kohmetscher

Kerin Peterson, Facilities and Properties Director, Jerry Smith, and Jim Kohmetscher, Facilities Manager

April 2021

                       Tony Kuligowski  - County Treasurer                          Category: ProductivityRachel Garver and Tony Kuligowski

Rachel Garver, County Treasurer, and Tony Kuligowski, Technology Support

May 2021

                            George Leavitt - Corrections                           Category: Productivity

George Leavitt

George Leavitt, Corrections Sargent

June 2021

                         Kipp Spier - County Engineering                           Category: ValorKipp Spier

Pam Dingman, County Engineer, Kipp Spier, Steve Spader, Assistant Maintenance Supervisor, and LeRoy (Bud) Geistlinger, Assistant Road Maintenance Superintendent

August 2021

            Becky Hight-Moravec - Election Commissioner                   Category: ProductivityBecky Hight-Moravec

Dave Shively, Election Commissioner and Becky Hight-Moravec, Administrative Services Officer

October 2021

                     Thomas Shirey - Community Corrections                 Category: SafetyCAE1Brad Johnson, Corrections Director, and Thomas Shirey, Corrections Officer

December 2021

                             Phillip Fleming - Engineering                             Category: Productivity

CAE Winner December 2021(3)Ed Lahmann, Facilities Manager, Phillip Fleming, Equipment Mechanic II, and Pam Dingman, County Engineer

2021 Annual Winner

                                 Kipp Spier - Engineering                                  Category: Valor

Kipp Spier

Pam Dingman, County Engineer, Kipp Spier, Equipment Operator II, Steve Spader, Assistant Maintenance Supervisor and Ron Bohaty, Road Maintenance Superintendent