National Preparedness Month- September

Lincoln-Lancaster County Emergency Management urges all community members to observe September as “National Preparedness Month”. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s “Ready” Campaign sponsors National Preparedness Month to encourage Americans to take simple steps to prepare for emergencies in their homes, businesses, schools, and communities.

The Ready Campaign’s 2023 National Preparedness Month theme is “Take Control in 1, 2, 3”. The campaign will focus on preparing older adults for disasters, specifically older adults from communities that are disproportionally impacted by the all-hazard events, which continue to threaten the nation.

We know older adults can face greater risks when it comes to the multitude of extreme weather events and emergencies we now face, especially if they are living alone, are low-income, have a disability, or live in rural areas.

Recent disasters and the lingering COVID-19 pandemic experienced at the local, state, and national level emphasize the need for preparedness.

James Davidsaver, Director of Lincoln-Lancaster County Emergency Management, offers these tips:

  • A family preparedness kit should include a family-sized supply of food and water as well as essential medicines and first aid supplies. Stock a minimum of a 3-day supply. Plan for all members of your household including pets.
  • A family emergency response plan should be specific and emphasize communication among family members and external sources of information such as media.

More information on emergency kits and plans is available online from many sources including People can download the FEMA app at for instant access to a wide array of preparedness information. A NOAA all-hazards radio is a great tool to alert and inform families of potential emergencies. Early and timely notification allows individuals to take necessary steps to protect themselves.

Lincoln-Lancaster County Emergency Management thanks the Nebraska Emergency Management’s Citizen Corps Council for promoting National Preparedness Month. We are also appreciative of the local media outlets for their commitment to keep community residents informed during emergency situations in and around Lancaster County. You can find more information on NEMA"s website here.

The weekly topics for National Preparedness Month are:ready-gov_npm-facebook_3

  • September 1 through 4: Make a Plan
  • September 5 through 11: Build a Kit
  • September 12 through 18: Prepare for Disasters
  • September 19 through 25: Teach Youth About Preparedness

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