S 98TH ST, OLD CHENEY – ‘A’ ST, LINCOLN - Project Information

LCLC-5275(1) S 98th St, Old Cheney – ‘A’ St, Lincoln; C.N. 13417


Identified as S 98th St, Old Cheney – ‘A’ St, Lincoln, the proposed federal-aid transportation improvement project would pave approximately 3.0 miles of South 98th Street between Old Cheney Road and ‘A’ Street in Lancaster County. The project would also construct a roundabout intersection at the future junction of South Street and South 98th Street. Since the initial public information meeting held in November 2021, the preliminary design has been updated to now include turn lanes for two roadways between Van Dorn Street and ‘A’ Street: Rattlesnake Road and Falls Branch Road. Construction may begin and/or end approximately 500 feet ahead of or beyond the actual project limits and 200 feet along major crossroads to accommodate transitioning the pavement.

The purpose of the project is to provide a safe and modern roadway, improve the reliability of the transportation asset, and to perpetuate the mobility of the traveling public. The need for the project is supported by factors identified by a traffic study and travel demand model; complaints received from existing residents; and operation or maintenance costs. Data indicates a projected increase in average annual daily traffic (AADT) volumes for segments of South 98th Street. These traffic study projections included future improvements to adjacent roadways and increased residential development. A similar traffic demand model was utilized in the Lincoln Metropolitan Planning Organization's 2050 Long Range Transportation Plan (2050 LRTP), which reports existing and forecasted congestion on the adjacent South 84th Street between Old Cheney Road and ‘A’ Street; therefore, improvements to the surrounding arterial streets, including South 98th Street, are needed to reduce congestion. 

South 98th Street is an important travel route for the local community and is a growing part of the City of Lincoln and Lancaster County. The existing AADT volume on all three segments exceed 300 vehicles per day, which is the County’s typical threshold for paving needs on rural roads with gravel surfacing to reduce dust before it becomes a visibility concern for the traveling public. Additionally, the County regularly receives complaints from the public about dust regarding this segment of South 98th Street. Continued or increased dust suppression as mitigation for increased particulate matter is a costly and labor-intensive maintenance activity. Ongoing operations and maintenance of a gravel surface with the current and projected ADT volumes are cost prohibitive.

Proposed improvements would include minor grading, new pavement, and new shoulders for the entire length of this project. The intersection for a future junction at South Street and South 98th Street would be constructed as a single-lane roundabout and include major grading. The intersection at Rattlesnake Road would be located west of South 98th Street approximately 1,000 feet north of Van Dorn Street and include turn lanes. The intersection at Falls Branch Road would be located west of South 98th Street approximately 1,480 feet south of ‘A’ Street and include turn lanes. Existing driveways and intersections would be reconstructed. Construction could begin as early as spring of 2024 and be completed by the fall of 2024.


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Please note that a City of Lincoln Transportation and Utilities (LTU) water distribution main project, identified as 98th from Van Dorn to “A”, located on the east side of South 98th Street between Van Dorn Street and ‘A’ Street is proposed for construction in 2023. This is a separate project, and more information can be found on the “LTU Projects” website here

Access to adjacent properties would be maintained during construction but may be limited at times due to construction activities. Some phases of the project would require detouring South 98th Street traffic during construction of the intersection improvements and new pavement; a designated detour would be provided utilizing Old Cheney Road to 112th Street and ‘A’ Street back to South 98th Street. Other phases may be constructed under traffic with lane closures controlled with appropriate traffic control devices and practices.

Potential impacts to environmental resources are being evaluated prior to project final design. These resources include, but are not limited to, environmental justice/civil rights, cultural resources, historic properties, publicly owned recreation properties (Section 4(f)), endangered and threatened species, hazardous materials, water quality, and other water resources, including wetlands and channels. There may be minor impacts to Section 4(f) resources, such as the MoPac Trail and Charles L. Warner Trailhead, but access would be maintained during construction.


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