148th Street & Holdrege Street (Public Comment)



                                                                  HSIP-3365(9); C.N. 13473 148th & Holdrege; C.N. 13473

The project is located at the intersection of 148th Street and Holdrege Street in rural Lancaster County, northeast of the corporate limits of the City of Lincoln. The project limits extend approximately 820 feet north and south along 148th Street, 80 feet west along Holdrege Street, and 270 feet east along Holdrege Street relative to the intersection. 

The purpose of this project is to reduce the frequency and severity of crashes, improve the reliability of the transportation system and perpetuate the mobility of the traveling public. The need for this project is based on information identified in a 2019 safety study completed for Lancaster County. The crash history for the intersection was examined for the period of January 1, 2013, to April 4, 2019. Over the 
 6-year 3-month analysis period, eleven (11) crashes were reported at the 148th Street and Holdrege Street intersection. This is 321% of the Nebraska state average. Lancaster County and the NDOT Safety Committee have determined that the safety data warrants intersection improvements.  

The proposed project would reconstruct the intersection of 148th Street and Holdrege Street to accommodate left-turn lanes on 148th Street. The proposed roadway on 148th Street would consist of a 40-foot-wide asphalt surface and 8-foot-wide turf shoulders. Grading and shoulder reconstruction would be required for the entire length of the project. Improvements on Holdrege Street beyond the intersection are not proposed.

Construction could begin the summer of 2025 and be complete by the winter of 2025.   

Construction phasing for 148th Street would be conducted under traffic with lane closures controlled by appropriate traffic control devices. The improvements on Holdrege Street would not be constructed under traffic and an appropriate detour would be provided. The detour would utilize 84th Street, Adams Street and 162nd Street. Access to adjacent properties would be maintained during construction but may be limited at times due to phasing requirements.

The project would require the acquisition of additional property rights, which could include new right-of-way (ROW), control of access (CA), permanent easements (PE), and/or temporary easements (TE). Contact with property owners impacted by the project would be initiated by a project representative once the design footprint has been established. 

Potential impacts to environmental resources have been evaluated. Wetland and/or other water resource impacts are anticipated; however, no mitigation would be required. A Section 404 permit for project impacts to wetlands would be obtained from the US Army Corps of Engineers prior to construction.

The cost of the proposed project would be approximately $787,500 and would derive from federal and county funding sources. 

The public is being encouraged to make suggestions or express concerns regarding this proposed project. Comments will be collected through September 15, 2023. Written comments or requests should be submitted to:

Larry Legg, PE

Lancaster County Engineering Department

Email llegg@lancaster.ne.gov 

Telephone 402-441-1852 

Fax 402-441-8692 


Information regarding the proposed project will be available on the Lancaster County website at https://lancaster.ne.gov/. For those without internet access, information may be obtained through the contact above or at Lancaster County Engineering Department, 444 Cherrycreek Road Bldg. C, Lincoln, NE.