2023-2025 Lancaster County Strategic Plan

We're Making an Impact and Progress.

We are proud to present our progress on the 2023-2025 Lancaster County Strategic Plan. This plan was created to ensure the inclusivity of all Lancaster County residents with five initiatives.

2023-2025 Strategic Plan

Progress Report - February 15, 2024

Strategic plan
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Progress Report: June 2023

Priority 1: Community Well-Being and Safety

Provide a range of public safety services and enhance access to human services to foster well-being throughout Lancaster County. 

Priority 2: Welcoming and Diverse Communities

Foster opportunities, services, and effective communication to strengthen the cycle of support and sense of belonging for all who live in and visit Lancaster County.

Priority 3: Employer of Choice

Implement flexible, creative, and diverse methods of learning and developing the County’s workforce that enhance the employees’ experience, encourage a culture of innovation, and enable employee success through development of their talents.

Sara Hoyle, Lincoln-Lancaster County Human Services Director

Christa Yoakum, Lancaster County Commissioner

Barb McIntyre, Lincoln-Lancaster County Human Resources Director

Priority 4: Climate Smart and Resilient Infrastructure

Invest in resilient and sustainable infrastructure to meet changing needs and potential growth, protect the environment, and ensure a safe community.

Priority 5: Thriving Economy

Encourage a diversified and resilient economy through intentional growth and public-private partnerships so that Lancaster County residents have the best employment, housing, and opportunities for a high quality of life.

Sean Flowerday, Lancaster County Commissioner

Abby Eccher, Lincoln-Lancaster County Chief Information Officer

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