Inmate Mail

Lancaster County utilizes a digital mail format for our inmates' personal mail. Personal mail must be sent to the address below. Authorized packages, books, and Legal Mail should still be sent directly to the facility.

Any mail or packages received without an Inmate Number (CFN) clearly written within the address will be returned to sender.

Personal Mail

Personal mail for inmates needs to be sent to:

Lancaster County Department of Corrections

Inmate Name, Inmate CFN Number

PO BOX 247

Phoenix, MD 21131

Packages, Publications, and Legal Mail

Packages sent to inmates are subject to search by staff and any contraband items will not be delivered, but may be returned to the sender or placed with the inmate's property.

Inmates may only receive publications (books, magazines, newspapers, etc.) sent directly from the publisher or a national distribution center. Items sent from other sources may be returned to sender or placed with the inmate's property.

Publications content may not contain:

  • Instructions for the construction or use of weapons, ammunition, bombs, incendiary devices or similar objects.
  • Depictions or descriptions of methods of escape from correctional facilities, blueprints, drawings, or similar descriptions of correctional institutions.
  • Instructions for manufacturing of alcohol or drugs.
  • Messages written in code.
  • Depictions, descriptions, or encouragement of activities which may lead to physical violence or group disruptions.
  • Encouragement or instruction in committing criminal activity.
  • Sexually explicit material.
  • Depictions, descriptions, or encouragement of gangs or gang related activity.