White Collar Crime Division


The White Collar Crime Division provides a trained prosecutor and support staff to aggressively prosecute crimes of theft, forgery, abuse of vulnerable adults by exploitation, obtaining assistance of benefits by fraud, unauthorized use of financial transaction devices, identity theft, and criminal possession of financial transaction devices, to name a few. The White Collar Crime Division coordinates with the Lincoln Police Department, including a specialized investigation team within the Lincoln Police Department, known as the Technical Investigation Unit (TIU). Other coordinating agencies include, but are not limited to, Nebraska State Patrol, Lancaster County Sherriff’s Office, and the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services Fraud Unit.

The White Collar Crime Division also prosecutes persons responsible for bad checks under the statutory requirements of Nebraska Revised Statutes Section 28-611.  Under this law, the County Attorney’s Office is responsible for the processing and follow-up investigation of any Non-Sufficient Funds or Account Closed checks that are submitted for criminal prosecution. Please visit the FAQ section for additional information.

Goals & Objectives

  • To provide resolution and restitution to victims
  • To hold Defendants accountable for their conduct
  • To deter Defendants from committing further crimes