Domestic Violence Division


The purpose of the Lancaster County Domestic Violence Prosecution Division is to provide a specialized group of trained prosecutors and support staff to aggressively prosecute Domestic Violence Crimes.  Nebraska has a critical interest in reducing the number of incidents of domestic violence and increasing the number of positive dispositions in domestic violence prosecutions. It is the position, in Lancaster County, that the aggressive prosecution of domestic violence is a necessity in order to protect victims and future victims of domestic violence.

Goals & Objectives

The Lancaster County Attorney recognizes the importance of communicating and cooperating with law enforcement and other public and private community agencies that provide services to families, victims, and perpetrators of domestic violence. A specialized Domestic Violence Prosecution Division in coordination with other community agencies provides the best opportunity to achieve the following goals:

  • To hold the batterer accountable for their violent conduct
  • To protect the children or other family members from exposure to, or possible injury from domestic violence
  • To protect the victim from additional acts of violence committed by the Defendant
  • To provide restitution to the victims
  • To stop the violence