Traffic Division


The purpose of the Lancaster County Traffic Prosecution Division is to hold drivers accountable to the rules of the road and the laws of the State of Nebraska to ensure all drivers, passengers, and pedestrians are safe. The attorneys in the traffic division prosecute crimes associated with motor vehicles including traffic infractions, leaving the scene of accidents, reckless driving, driving under the influence, and motor vehicle homicide. Lancaster County has the highest rate of driving under the influence convictions in the State of Nebraska due to the diligent efforts of the attorneys and paralegals in the traffic division.

Goals & Objectives

We work with all law enforcement agencies in the county including LPD, LSO, NSP, UNL PD, Game & Parks, and Burlington Northern Railroad Officers. We coordinate with the Attorney General's Office and Nebraska Department of Transportation to improve and comply with the administrative and statutory rules handed down by the state. The traffic division works in conjunction with community corrections and the 24/7 program to require twice daily testing for persons arrested for driving under the influence who are released on bond. In addition to prosecuting crime, we also encourage diversion services where possible for traffic infractions through the STOP program.

The attorneys in the traffic division work with unrepresented defendants and with defense attorneys to resolve cases in a timely fashion. We coordinate with law enforcement to ensure best practices are followed to present our cases in court to judges and juries. The Lancaster county Attorney recognizes that traffic crimes have the potential to impact every member of the community, and we work with victims and defendants towards the following goals:

  • To help drivers comply with registration and insurance requirements
  • To make victims whole through efforts to obtain restitution
  • To protect the community with the 24/7 program for DUI offenders
  • To hold person who drive under the influence accountable