Community Corrections


Providing Opportunities for Positive Change

Established in 2003, the Department of Community Corrections was tasked with designing programs that decrease the reliance on the use of jail by providing alternatives to incarceration for the County and District Courts.

The Department of Community Corrections administers 13 programs: Court Reminder Program (2003); Community Service (2003); Pretrial Release (2004); Adult Drug Court (2004); House Arrest (2007); Pretrial Mental Health (2011), Veterans Diversion (2012); General Diversion (Felony and Misdemeanor) (2013); STOP traffic course (2013); Mental Health Diversion (2017); Intensive Supervision Diversion (2017); 24/7 (2017); and Sentence Conversion Program for 18-25 year olds using a 2 million dollar Bureau of Justice Assistance Grant.

With 32 full-time and 8 part-time staff, the Department assists more than 4000 individuals annually.

This department continues to expand and provide individuals and the courts with alternatives to incarceration.