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The mission of the Lancaster County Adult Drug Court (LCADC) is to increase public safety by providing a program that facilitates access to treatment, implements intensive case management, decreases substance abuse, and returns law-abiding, productive, and responsible citizens to their families and the community.

The Lancaster County Adult Drug Court was established as a post-plea Drug Court in June 2001, to address the recidivism of substance use-related cases, through treatment and intensive supervision.  The development and implementation of this court was originally realized with grant funding.  Recognizing the immense value in sustaining this court, in September 2004 the Lancaster County Commissioners agreed to place the administration of LCADC in the Lancaster County Department of Community Corrections.  

LCADC provides a non-traditional approach to eligible participants when their criminal activity is driven by their substance use addiction.  

The Lancaster County Adult Drug Court is a unique partnership between the judicial system, criminal justice system, treatment providers, and the community that structures treatment intervention around the authority and personal involvement of the Lancaster County District Court Judges. LCADC has a non-adversarial courtroom atmosphere where the Drug Court Judge and a dedicated team of court officers, treatment providers, the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Department, the Lincoln Police Department, and Drug Court staff work together toward a common goal of breaking the cycle of substance use and criminal behavior.

LCADC provides support and rehabilitation through individualized substance use and mental health treatment.  LCADC provides other services such as cognitive behavioral therapy, family support, education/employment services, housing, transportation, and makes referrals to community resources. LCADC has partnered with multiple community agencies, programs, and services to build community relationships with the Drug Court and enhance the program’s effectiveness.  

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