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Lancaster County Jail to Resume Visits

Lincoln, NE – March 19, 2020 – Beginning June 22, 2020, Lancaster County Department of Corrections will reopen its main lobby and resume public video visits, along with in-person visits for attorneys and other professionals.

Note: Guidelines specified within the following sections override any other information on this site.

  1. Limited on-site video visitation will begin for inmates housed in general population housing areas. Off-site video visitation will also begin for inmates housed in general population housing areas.
  2. Current restrictions on video visitation will remain in effect for newly admitted inmates who are housed in an intake housing unit and for inmates located in an area of the jail facility where they are under medical supervision or monitoring.
  3. Inmates who are classified and housed in accordance with their classification may have one (1) on-site video visit per week.
  4. Beginning January 28, 2021; no more than ten (10) on-site video visits will occur during each time block listed above, and no more than two (2) visitors are allowed to visit an inmate during a scheduled visit. Assigned visit stations will be spread out to insure a minimum of 6 feet of distance between stations unless a wall is present to act as a barrier.
  5. Visitors are strongly encouraged to wear face masks when they enter the facility for their video visit.
  6. Visitors should wait until 5 to 10 minutes prior to their scheduled visit to enter the facility for their visit. Public seating in the lobby area is closed at this time.
  7. Money may be deposited on an inmate’s account using the kiosk in the public lobby when the lobby area is open.
  8. The public lobby will be closed from 10:45 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. each day, and from 6:35 p.m. to 7:35 p.m. each day. During these hours, those wishing to deposit funds on an inmate’s account must use the kiosk in the jail’s release lobby.
  9. The Records window in the public lobby is closed at this time. The Lobby Officer can assist public visitors with informing Records that money has been posted for bond or to assist with obtaining a Certificate of Incarceration if this document is needed.

Mission Statement

As an integral part of the criminal justice system, the Lancaster County Department of Corrections provides community safety through secure, legal, and compassionate adult detention. We achieve this through the recruitment and development of professional staff who provide services which promote personal growth and reduce recidivism of those in our charge.