The ADF has a total of 29 multipurpose rooms to provide space for increased programming opportunities. Current programs focus heavily on substance abuse and adult education. 

The ADF kitchen prepares food for the Youth Services Center, Crisis Center, Cornhusker Place, and the ADF. This service is provided by a private contractor equipped to take advantage of quantities of scale and provide economical, nutritious meals to inmates and residents of the other facilities noted above.

  1. Adult Education
  2. Family Based Education Programs
  3. Library Services
  4. Religious Programs
  5. Substance Abuse Assistance
  6. Transitional Planning
  7. Vocational Training

Adult Education

  • GED: Classroom instruction and testing providing opportunity for inmates to earn their General Education Diploma
  • Literacy: Lincoln Literacy provides reading and writing instruction for inmates who are not native English speakers and for inmates who are native English speakers but can benefit from focused tutoring in a small group setting