Mission & Goals


Providing exceptional law enforcement services that reduce crime and enhance public safety while preserving public trust.


Communities that are safe and secure; operations that are effective and efficient; and people who feel they are treated with fairness, dignity and respect.

Guiding Principles

  • Treat everyone with fairness, dignity, and respect
  • Act with integrity and professionalism
  • Know your job and do it well
  • Enjoy what you do
  • Work hard


  • Human life
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Service
  • Compassion
  • Professionalism
  • Accountability

General Duties

The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office is responsible for a full range of law enforcement and court-related duties. The Sheriff's Office is staffed by 110 employees including 82 commissioned deputies. The majority of deputies are assigned to the Patrol Division and respond to emergency and routine calls for service in addition to conducting self-initiated prevention and detection of law violations, investigate criminal activity and traffic accidents, and performing coroner's duties. The rest perform more specialized duties such as:

  • Fugitive Apprehension
  • Court security
  • Crime prevention and education
  • Drug offense investigation
  • Extradition of prisoners from other states
  • Major crime investigation
  • Service of civil process
  • Training

Interagency Cooperation

Sheriff's deputies have law enforcement authority throughout Lancaster County, including its cities, villages, and townships. Deputies assigned to the Patrol Division are primarily responsible for maintenance of law and order and other peace officer duties in those areas within the County that fall outside the City Limits of Lincoln. Deputies assigned to the remaining four divisions (Investigations, Court Services, Support Services, and Professional Standards) have a significant presence throughout Lancaster County and the City of Lincoln. 

The Sheriff's Office maintains strong partnerships with surrounding agencies including the Lincoln Police Department, State Patrol, Game and Parks Commission, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and University of Nebraska-Lincoln Police Department. These partnerships enable the Sheriff's Office to provide a higher level of service while maximizing available resources.