Mission & Goals

The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office is committed to seek and find ways to affirmatively promote and preserve a feeling of security and safety in members of the community.

Statement of Values

  • Integrity: We recognize the critical need to maintain high standards of ethical conduct and honesty.
  • Enterprise: Industry among employees in delivering services and pursuing goals is encouraged. Self-initiated action and dynamic approaches to problems are especially valued.
  • Restraint: We recognize the heavy burden of lawful power granted to us by statute and seek to exercise this power with cautious restraint. We value self-control and trust mutual respect and shared values as the primary means of avoiding impropriety.
  • Community Involvement: Active participation of the public greatly enhances our efforts. We believe strongly in maintaining open and personal relationships with citizens.
  • Public Service: The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office is a service oriented agency. We strive to serve the public equally and fairly, treating all as valued citizens.
  • Professional Development: Human resources are our most valuable asset. We believe in the importance of investing in this resource by providing or encouraging opportunities for professional growth through such means as education, training, and varied job assignments.

General Duties

The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office is responsible for a full range of law enforcement and court-related duties. The Sheriff's Office is staffed by 101 employees including 76 commissioned deputies. The majority of deputies are assigned to the Patrol Division and respond to emergency and routine calls for service in addition to conducting self-initiated prevention and detection of law violations, investigate criminal activity and traffic accidents, and perform coroner's duties. The rest perform more specialized duties such as

  • Court security
  • Crime prevention and education
  • Drug offense investigation
  • Extradition of prisoners from other states
  • Major crime investigation
  • Service of civil process
  • Training


Although primarily handling calls for service to the people outside the city of Lincoln, the Sheriff's Office also works cooperatively with the Lincoln Police Department, Nebraska State Patrol, University of Nebraska Police, and the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.