Daily Activities

The day begins with wake up and breakfast. Residents then clean their rooms, complete their daily hygiene and prepare for school. 


School is in session five days a week, for almost the entire calendar year. School is conducted by teachers from the Lincoln Public Schools and students may earn credit for their work. There is a G.E.D. program available as well as a continuing education program. After lunch, school resumes followed by free time. The afternoon ends with a quiet time, a brief period that allows youth time alone for reflection, writing letters, doing homework, or to just rest.

Evening Activities

The evening activities are less structured to allow residents time for inside and outside recreational activities, arts and crafts, table games, and television. The educational process continues in the evening as well through organized group activities.

Additional Information

For more information on the programs that are offered at the Center, please see the Educational Program or Other Juvenile Programs.