Intern Programs

Student Intern Program

The Youth Services Center works closely with several area colleges to promote hands-on experience for students majoring in criminal justice, human services, or behavioral sciences. There also is an opportunity for those students wanting practical experience working in a governmental office setting who are majoring in secretarial sciences, administrative assisting, business or public administration.

Duties & Responsibilities of the Student Intern 

As a Student Intern, you will receive extensive training in:

  • Adolescent Development and Delinquency
  • Basic Health
  • Conflict Resolution and Dispute Mediation
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Effective Communication
  • First Aid
  • Interactive Behavioral Management, Observation and Report Writing
  • Juvenile's Rights, Safety, and Security
  • Mental Disorders
  • Stress Management
  • Suicide Prevention

You will also receive Therapeutic Aggression Control Tactics training as well as Pressure Point Control Tactics training. You will be trained in all aspects of the Youth Services Center policies and procedures.

Intern Volunteer Program

The Youth Services Center offers wonderful opportunities to work with individuals or groups and develop your interpersonal skills while being a positive role model for youth at risk. This is done through conversations, games, tutoring, or structured group activities.

Contact Information

Contact Annette, Deputy Director, at 402-441-8657 to schedule an interview in order to give information for criminal history check, a more thorough understanding of the agency, and watch a video on volunteering.

Additional Volunteer Opportunities

Other volunteering opportunities are available to support the Youth Services Center. Some of these are sewing clothing that the youth wear, donating items to be used for holiday gifts, wrapping presents, organizing scrapbooks, etc.