Past Sheriffs


The Office of Sheriff of Lancaster County has been held by a number of exemplary citizens of the community since 1861, but its accomplishments have been made possible only through the dedication and hard work of the deputy sheriffs and civilian employees who have served the Sheriff’s Office with honor. These men and women have committed themselves to public service, sometimes at considerable peril, and have distinguished themselves by innumerable acts of courage, integrity, intelligence, and determination. Their contribution to the quality of life enjoyed by the citizens of Lancaster County cannot be overstated.

The following is a list of those who've served as the Sheriff of Lancaster County, sorted by years of service:

1861 to 1862Louis J. Loder
1863 to 1864Josiah Chambers
1865William Pemberton
1865Joel Mason
1866 to 1867R. M. Pursell
1868 to 1869J. H. Hawk
1870 to 1877Samuel McClay
1878 to 1879J. S. Hoagland
1880 to 1883Granville Ensign
1884 to 1889Samuel M Melick
1890 to 1893Samuel McClay
1894 to 1895Fred Miller
1896 to 1899John Trompen
1900 to 1903Z. S. Branson
1904 to 1907Nicholas Ress
1908 to 1911Henry Hoagland
1912 to 1917Gus Hyers
1918 to 1919L. A. Simmons
1920 to 1921Ira Miller
1922 to 1938Claude P. Hensel
1938 to 1940James Davis
1940 to 1941E. Cecil Ward
1942 to 1950Myles Holloway
1951 to 1979Merle C. Karnopp
1980 to 1987Dale A. Adams
1988 to 1991Ron H. Tussing
1991 to 1994Thomas K. Casady
1994John D. Packett
1994Samuel Van Pelt
1994 to PresentTerry T. Wagner