Pro Se Divorce

The forms on this page are a product of the Lancaster County District Court and are provided as a public service to people who are proceeding on their divorce cases pro se (pronounced "pro-say," which means representing yourself without a lawyer).

Although these forms contain step-by-step instructions, a divorce is complicated. If you choose to continue pro se, you should be prepared to spend time studying these forms to fully understand what will be required of you. 

The Court does not represent that these instructions and forms will be appropriate in every case. Any questions you may have regarding the use of the instructions and forms should be directed to a lawyer.

Recommendation to Consider Lawyer Mediation

Although these instructions and forms were developed to assist people who want to proceed pro se, the Supreme Court's Implementation Committee on Pro Se Litigation urges everyone thinking of doing their own case to consider getting a lawyer to help.

Please remember that neither the Court nor the Clerk's Office can answer legal questions or provide legal assistance to anyone. You should consult a lawyer if you need assistance completing your divorce.

Pro Se Divorce Forms

You can also obtain a copy of these forms at the front desk of the Clerk of the District Court's Office at:

575 S 10th Street
3rd Floor
Lincoln, NE 68508