Truancy Diversion

The Lancaster County Truancy Diversion Program is a collaborative effort between the Lancaster County Juvenile Court, Lancaster County Attorney's Office, and Lincoln Public Schools. It is an alternative to traditional court proceedings. The short-term goals of the voluntary program are to improve school attendance, grades, and attitude toward school. The long-term goals are for the student to maintain consistent school attendance after completion of the diversion program - followed by graduation from high school. Students receive supportive services to help with attendance and grades, incentives for good attendance and good grades, and, upon successful completion, dismissal of truancy petition.

Participating Schools

The Lincoln Public Schools that participate in Truancy Diversion are:

  • Lincoln High
  • Lincoln North Star
  • Lincoln Northeast High School
  • Lincoln Southeast
  • Lincoln East High School

It is on average a 6 to 10-month program of school-based intervention and family supports for juveniles and their families.

Truancy Coordinators

Lincoln HighBrady TolleEmail Brady Tolle
North Star High School
Kennedy BeebeEmail Kennedy Beebe
Northeast High School
Tana DownsEmail Tana Downs
Southeast High School
Jessica MoserEmail Jessica Moser
East High SchoolTami RemboltEmail Tami Rembolt