Clerk of the District Court

Each county in the State of Nebraska has a clerk of the district court performing the administrative duties associated with the court. 

Nebraska law states that counties with 7,000 inhabitants are required to have a clerk of the district court elected by the voters. In counties with less than 7,000 the county board and district judge determine whether there should be a clerk of the district court. If a clerk of the district court does not exist, the county clerk is the ex officio Clerk of the District Court. 


Besides being the administrative officer of the court, the clerks of the district courts are responsible for

  • Maintenance of the court's dockets 
  • Processing judgments
  • The record keeping and collection of child support and other support payments
  • The record keeping of criminal and civil, and juvenile cases

Electronic Payments

Make electronic payments online with a credit card or e-check through the Nebraska State website.