Lancaster County Weed Authority

Lancaster County Weed Authority's responsibility is to carry out the State of Nebraska Noxious Weed Control Act, along with the administration of the City of Lincoln's Weed Abatement program since entering into an interlocal agreement with the City of Lincoln in 1996.

This is accomplished by educating landowners informing them of the legal requirements and benefits of controlling noxious weeds as well as overgrown weeds and worthless vegetation on their property.

Lancaster County Noxious Weed program works to protect effectively against designated noxious weeds which constitute a present threat to the continued economic and environmental value of lands in the County. This is accomplished by implementing the mandates of the State of Nebraska Noxious Weed Control Act, setting forth management objectives and plans, methods or practices which utilize a variety of techniques for the integrated management of noxious weeds. By establishing a coordinated program for the integrated management of noxious weeds, it is the County's intent to encourage and require all appropriate and available management methods, while promoting those methods which are the most environmentally benign and which are practical and economically feasible.

Nebline Weed Awareness Issue - April 2023  


Video Introduction to Nebraska Weed Superintendents Duties


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Know Your Nebraska Noxious Weeds

Musk vs plumeless

Musk thistle flower (left) Plumeless thistle flower (right)

Click on each noxious weed link to learn more about Nebraska's Noxious Weeds

How did they get here?  What do they look like?  What's the risk if I do nothing?  How do they spread?  Are they beneficial?  Is there a biological control option?  How do I control them?

Canada Thistle - 1873

Musk Thistle - 1959

Leafy Spurge - 1962

Plumeless Thistle - 1967

Diffuse Knapweed - 1992

Spotted Knapweed - 1992

Purple Loosestrife - 2001

Saltcedar - 2005

Phragmites - 2008

Giant Knotweed - 2011

Japanese Knotweed - 2011

Sericea Lespedeza - 2013

Know Your Nebraska Noxious Weeds (Complete Set)

You Are Required To Control Noxious Weeds On Your Property                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Pursuant to the Noxious Weed Control Act, section 2-955, subsection 1(a), to every person who owns or controls land in Nebraska, that noxious weeds being grown, or growing on, such land shall be controlled at such frequency as to prevent establishment, provide eradication, or reduce further propagation or dissemination of such weeds.

Noxious Weed - Year it was declared noxious      Click on the photos for detailed information

Canada thistle - 1873
Canada thistle Opens in new window

Musk thistle - 1959
Musk thistle Opens in new windowLeafy spurge - 1962
Leafy spurge flower Opens in new window

Plumeless thistle - 1967Plumeless thistle Opens in new windowSpotted & Diffuse Knapweed - 1992
Spotted knapweed Opens in new windowPurple loosestrife - 2001Purple loosestrife Opens in new window Saltcedar - 2005
Saltcedar Oak Lake Opens in new window
Common reed / Phragmites - 2008Phragmites

Japanese & Giant Knotweeds - 2011
Sericea lespedez
a - 2013sericea flower

Additional Noxious Weeds designated in Lancaster County

Common teasel - 2014

Common teasel

Cutleaf teasel - 2014

Cutleaf teasel

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