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Received a jury summons? 

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*Please have hardship documentation ready before beginning your online juror qualification form.

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The Jury Commission staff are here to answer your questions about jury service and Nebraska state laws that govern jury service. 

If you have a hardship with your jury service, the Jury staff cannot excuse you or bend the laws to accommodate your specific hardship. They will explain how the laws may affect you and your hardship with jury service. 

If you are unable to complete the juror qualification form online as instructed by the summons, you will receive a mailing from the Jury Commission in a week or two.

The second mailing will include a paper juror qualification form for you to complete and return in the mail. You do not need to contact the Jury Commission between mailings. 

Jury Commissioner Welcome

The right to a trial by jury is a cornerstone of American democracy, guaranteed by both the State and Federal Constitutions. This site is dedicated to answering questions for prospective jurors, employers and members of the public about jury service in Lancaster County. 


Troy L. Hawk
Lancaster County Jury Commissioner

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