1. My name or address has changed recently, what do I need to do for my registration and/or title?
  2. I just moved to Lancaster County from another state, what do I need to do to register my vehicle?
  3. I've just moved to Nebraska from another state. How long do I have to register my vehicle? Where do I register? How much will it cost?
  4. Can I license my vehicle with another states insurance coverage?
  5. I just moved from one county in Nebraska to another. Do I need to get new plates and registration in my new county?
  6. I am going to college in Lancaster County do I need to get new license plates?
  7. What types of payments are accepted?
  8. Why do I have to pay a service fee?
  9. What if my decal or plates are lost in the mail?
  10. We lost our car registration, how do I replace it?
  11. I lost one of my license plates, what do I do?
  12. I lost my car title, how do I obtain a duplicate?
  13. What if I am aware of somebody using fictitious license plates or attempting to violate Registration Laws?
  14. We have old expired plates what do we do with them?
  15. Can I put my old License plates from my old vehicle that I have sold or traded in onto my new vehicle?
  16. Can I get a refund on my Motor Vehicle Registration?
  17. I just moved from Nebraska to another state how do I get a refund on my Motor Vehicle License and Registration?
  18. How do I get Amateur Radio License Plates?
  19. How do I get handicap Permit or Plates?
  20. How do I get Specialty Plates?
  21. Approximately how much will it cost me to license my vehicle?
  22. What do I need if I purchased a vehicle from a Private Party?
  23. What if I purchase a vehicle from a Licensed Nebraska Dealer?
  24. What do I need if I purchased a vehicle from a Dealer not licensed in Nebraska?
  25. Do I need a Form 6? What is Form 6?
  26. I purchased a new vehicle, does it need to be inspected? If so where?
  27. I leased a vehicle. What do I need to do to get it registered?
  28. I just bought a Minibike/Scooter what do I need to do?
  29. I plan to switch my plates to my recently purchased vehicle. May I affix my old plates to my new vehicle during the 30 day window?
  30. Can I renew online?
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