NACo & Visa Inc. Digital Payments Project

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Lancaster County was chosen out of 700 counties nationwide to participate in a pilot project that will evaluate the impact of increased electronic payments in our county. The project is rooted in a series of questions that the National Association of Counties (NACo) and Visa Inc. would like to work with Lancaster County to answer:

  • As digital payments increase in private industries, are they also increasing in the public sector?
  • For what reasons might county governments decide to grow in offering and accepting digital payments.
  • For which services, fees and obligations do county residents prefer to use digital payments rather than cash or check?
  • What are the costs of using digital payment methods versus those of cash and check?
  • When presented with increased access to digital payments, will county residents transition their payment preferences?


The study will show how many payment transactions are completed using cash or check versus electronic payment methods before, during and after implementation of the pilot project. In conducting this study, the project has three goals:

  • Help Lancaster County achieve their financial objectives by providing residents with more options to pay for taxes and services in a convenient, timely manner, with faster and more accurate accounting
  • Measure the net impact for Lancaster County when transitioning to greater acceptance, procurement and disbursements through digital means, sharing with the county what it can expect in cost savings, process efficiencies, increased revenue, constituent satisfaction and through other indicators
  • Provide a "blueprint" for other counties to replicate the program


The graphs provided represent the type of payments that were accepted by the Treasurer's office and Lancaster County in the fiscal year of 2017 to 2018.

Motor Vehicle Registration and Drivers License Volume & Collections by Payment Type

Registration and Drivers License Volume for Fiscal Year 2017 to 2018
Registration and Drivers License Collections for Fiscal year 2017 to 2018

Property Tax Volume & Collections by Payment Type

Property Tax Volume by Payment Type for Fiscal Year 2017 to 2018
Property Tax Amount by Payment Type for Fiscal Year 2017  to 2018

Cost to Treasurer's Office Per Transaction Type

Motor Vehicle Registrations by Payment Type graph
Property Tax by Payment Type graph

Lancaster County Collections & Expenditures by Payment Type

2017 Expenditure by Payment Type pie chart
Collections by Payment Type for Fiscal Year 2017 to 2018 pie chart