County Clerk


Welcome to the Lancaster County Clerk’s webpage. It is my pleasure to invite you to utilize the broad range of services and functions this office provides. As you browse this site, you will find specific information on 

  • Applications and Licenses
  • County Board Proceedings
  • Marriage Licenses
  • Military Discharges
  • Property Valuation Protests

Our goal is to provide you, the citizens of Lancaster County, with the outstanding customer service you have come to expect from the Lancaster County Clerk’s Office. If you have any suggestions, or comments in regards to our services, I encourage you to email us.

Mission & Goals

Our mission is to provide an exemplary level of service and responsiveness to you and your family as you do business with the County. The County Clerk’s Office is the "front office" for Lancaster County. We are the official record keepers for the County as well as its fiscal office.

Our goal is to ensure that accurate and accessible records are kept for Lancaster County and to assist our citizens by keeping the records of the people’s business open and understandable.


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