Planting Prairie Grass & Wildflowers

There is a growing interest in wildflower and native grass plantings by acreage owners. If properly planned and established these plantings will provide a very pleasing and low maintenance ground cover that will help prevent weeds. No herbicides were labeled for use in controlling weeds during establishment and maintenance of these plantings until American Cyanamid Company introduced the herbicide plateau. It may be used to control weeds in native grass and wildflower plantings.

Selecting Grass & Wildflower Species

The grasses and wildflowers selected most have a tolerance to plateau herbicide. It is also desirable to select species that require a low level of maintenance. If shorter growing grasses are selected. Little or no mowing will be required to remove excess growth.

Short Grasses

  • Blue Grama
  • Buffalograss
  • Sideoats Grama

Perennial Wildflower & Legumes Tolerant to Plateau Herbicide

  • Bicolor Lespedeza
  • Black-Eyed Susan
  • Gold Yarrow
  • Illinois Bundleflower
  • Leadplant
  • Lupine
  • Mexican Hat
  • Ox-Eye Daisy
  • Partridgepea
  • Purple Coneflower Wild Violet
  • Purple Prairie Clover
  • Sensitive Vine
  • Shasta Daisy
  • Upright Prairie Coneflower

Perennial wildflower and legumes tolerant to plateau herbicide are species that were planted along with a plateau herbicide application in the spring of 1997 on a one-acre site in the county. Location site is located at the south side of W Alvo Road 1/4 mile east of NW 27th Street just north of the Kawasaki plant and Highway 34. Some seed suppliers are putting together seed packets that are considered plateau ready. These include Stock Seed Farms.

Planting & Establishment of Native Grasses & Wildflowers

  1. The first key to successful planting is a weed-free, firm seedbed.
  2. The second key is using a seeding method that results in good seed-soil contact. A grass drill does the best job. If broadcast seeding is used, dragging and compacting the seedbed after planting will improve the seed-soil contact.
  3. Apply 4 ounces of plateau herbicide in early spring as needed to control weeds on established stands of grass and wildflowers.

Application of Plateau Herbicide

Follow label directions or hire a commercial applicator to make the application.

See a Native Grass & Wildflower Planting 

You can observe a planting that was made in the spring of 1997. This planting is located on the south side of W Alvo Road 1/4 mile east of NW 27th Street just north of the Kawasaki plant and Highway 34.