Roadside Noxious Weed Dissemination Control

There are over 300 infestations of leafy spurge along county roadsides. These locations are marked with signs.

Noxious Weed Control Area

Do not mow or disturb. Call the Lancaster County Noxious Weed Control Authority at 402-441-7817.

These areas are being sprayed to control the leafy spurge.


These areas are sprayed about June 1 and October 1. The leafy spurge needs to be present and actively growing in order for the herbicide to be effective. We would like a phone call prior to any mowing so that it can be timed not to affect the herbicide treatment.


Leafy spurge produces many seeds that will remain in the ground or on the soil surface until conditions are right for their germination. They also have an extensive root system that having many growing points that will produce new plants. New infestations are likely to occur if soil is moved to new locations or if the seeds or portions of the roots are disseminated to new sites by equipment.

Machinery or Equipment

Machinery or equipment used in these marked locations should have all soil and vegetative matter removed by sweeping or the use of forced air or forced water on site prior to movement to sites not infested.


If roadwork in these areas requires removal of the signs, please replace signs when the earthwork has been completed. Leafy spurge has a very deep root system as well as seeds that will remain viable in the soil for many years. If dirt is moved to other sites please let this office know so that we can mark these areas and treat them with herbicide if needed.