Sheriff Sales

The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office holds Sheriff’s Sales on Thursdays at 2 p.m. at the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office located in the Hall of Justice. All of our sales are advertised once weekly for four consecutive weeks in the Lincoln Journal Star. This is the only avenue of our advertisements and if interested in a subscription, you may contact the Lincoln Journal Star at 1-877-760-6006.

It should be noted that if you hear or know of a sale to be held at any other time than a Thursday at 2 p.m, it is not a Sheriff’s Sale, and we are unable to assist you in any inquiries regarding them. If you should have inquiries regarding a Sheriff’s Sale, you may contact the Civil Division at 402-441-7724. All sales may be canceled up to the time of the sale.

These are the only listed Sheriff’s Sales as of this date

Please check back for updated sales information