Court Services Division

The Court Services Division is commanded by Captain Jerry Witte. The division is responsible for: conducting motor vehicle title inspections required by law for stolen vehicles, fraudulent titles and odometer fraud; transportation of prisoners to court, between correctional facilities, etc.; coordination of courtroom security and maintenance of liaison with courts; coordination of the County-City campus security in an attempt to maintain a safe environment for all employees to work in. 

Building Security

The Court Services Division provides security for the City-County building campus which consists of three buildings:

  • The City-County Building
  • The Hall of Justice
  • The local government complex at 605 S 10th Street

Security Alarms & Credentials

Part of the building security program is monitoring and responding to the various alarms and video equipment throughout the three buildings. This is primarily the responsibility of the security guards assisted by deputies and court officers. An X-ray machine and several metal detectors are in use throughout the complex. A civilian security technician is responsible for managing security credentials along with maintaining and servicing security systems throughout the campus. The Justice and Law Enforcement Center is a secured facility. View the prohibited items page to learn more.

Courtroom Security

Deputies provide security for the eight District Courtrooms, one District Court Referee, four Juvenile Courtrooms, and seven County Courtrooms. Deputies assigned to the Court Services Division are called upon to plan security for "high profile” trials and sequestered juries. During special trials and impaneled juries certain sworn deputies act as special bailiffs. A small number of deputies are sworn each year to act as special bailiffs for grand juries. Courthouse deputies also handle law enforcement calls for service within the Hall of Justice.

Prisoner Transports & Fugitive Extradition

The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office conducts about 3,000 prisoner transports per year to various facilities, both mental and criminal. This includes extradition of prisoners from outside the state of Nebraska and all transportation of people arrested on warrants within the state as well as court ordered transports. Extradition is the legal process of transferring custody of wanted persons across state lines.

A person wanted in Nebraska who is located and arrested in another state may or may not waive extradition. If the person waives his/her right to an extradition hearing a deputy from this office has to travel to the holding state and take custody of the prisoner. If a person refuses to waive or "fights extradition" a lengthy procedure ensues which may take 90 days or more. Of the approximately 70 to 75 individuals arrested in other states annually on Lancaster County felony warrants, an average of 40 to 45 waive extradition and return voluntarily to Lincoln.

The Court Services Division is responsible for coordinating the extradition procedure and making arrangements for the return of the prisoner. The prisoner may be returned to Lancaster County by car, commercial aircraft, or by the "Northwest Shuttle" consisting of cooperating law enforcement agencies operating nationwide.

Vehicle Title Inspections

Court Services is also responsible for over 12,000 title inspections of vehicles annually that are transferred into Lancaster County from other states. The title inspection station at 625 N 46th Street is staffed by title inspectors and a court officer. 

There is a $10 fee for title inspections. We accept, cash, check and credit cards--processing fees will apply. 

Bring your identification, title and bill of sale. (If you plan to license your Vehicle with the DMV at the same time, you will need all other related paperwork including proof of insurance)

Hours are Monday – Friday 8:00am to 4:15pm.