Services Provided

  1. Image Capture
  2. Record Analysis
  3. Records Center


We offer daily scanning services and scanning of backlog items for your documents that require electronic storage and easy retrieval for viewing. This service also increases accessibility in that it enables multiple users to view a particular document at the same time.


We use silver halide microfilm to capture your original images for a lifetime of safe keeping. Your images will be photographed from our high quality cameras and experienced photographers onto your choice of either 16-millimeter or 35-millimeter microfilm. Once your film has been developed it will be checked for quality and can be duplicated so that the original copy serves to be archival and the duplicate serves as the working copy for everyday use.

Document Archive Writer

Your electronic images can be transferred from computer network, CD, DVD, FTP site, or mobile hard-drive to top quality, silver halide, 16-millimeter microfilm using our Kodak i9600 Archive Writer.