Special Events Permit

Special Events include, but are not limited to, activities which are open to public participation and occur in the public right-of way which in most instances may be defined as a road or sidewalk.  Examples of activities requiring a Special Events permit include parades, runs, cycling and walkathons.

Events which occur, in whole or in part, within areas not under the County’s jurisdiction, such as a state park or within the corporate limits of any city or village, require approval from the appropriate government agency.  Additionally, a public event held on private property may require a County Amusement License.

Information about City of Lincoln special permits can be found at: https://www.lincoln.ne.gov/files/sharedassets/public/finance/city-clerk/spevent.pdf.

Contact information for other cities or villages in Lancaster County can be found at https://www.lancaster.ne.gov/518/Towns-Cities.

Application & Guidelines

Please carefully review the County’s Special Events Permit Guidelines prior to submitting your application. Applications must be submitted at least three (3) weeks prior to the event and include a detailed map of the proposed route. Applicants must also provide adequate insurance coverage.

If you have questions regarding the Special Events Permit application process, please contact the County Clerk’s office at 402-441-7484 or coclerk@lancaster.ne.gov.