Current Artist

Artist Statement
By Jean Michelle Krejci

“People, Places, and Things” is a collection of work from my time in Paris, New York City, and here in Lincoln. A majority of the work is from my time in Paris, focused on light by the use of bright colors and bold strokes. My use of Expressionism, puts my emphasis on what I was feeling at that place in time versus the physical reality. These feelings can range from the high energies of the Rue de Soufflot to the tranquility you experience sitting on the banks of The Seine river as you view the Notre Dame Cathedral. Also, included in the collection are two paintings from a time when I was living in New York City during the 9/11 tragedy and depicts the emotions and experiences of that place in time.

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I think something special happens when you sit in a place and paint. Somehow, if by magic, the sights, sounds, lights and movement get infused in the work. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my work with the community. I hope it will evoke some emotional connection with the viewer; may that be a spark of curiosity or joy. I believe everyone has the capacity to be creative and it is my wish that my work would spark the viewer’s inspiration.

Jean Michelle Krejci received her degree in Fine Arts from Nebraska Wesleyan University. She also studied art in NYC at Parson’s School of Design and abroad in Paris, France as part of a summer intensive study through Parson’s Paris School of Design. She has a classical training in painting, photography, and ceramics but her passion is painting and color. Jeanie is an artist in tireless pursuit of self-transformation with open eyes and an open heart.