Public Art Policy

Artists' Eligibility/Exhibition Requirements:

  1. Artist(s) must be a Nebraska resident, 21 years of age or older and not enrolled in a visual arts degree-granting program. Collaborations are permissible.
  2. The majority if artwork in an exhibition must be two-dimensional, such as:
    • Mixed media
    • Paintings
    • Photos
    • Prints
    • Textiles/fiber

There is also space available if an artist or collaboration Artists would like to include some 3-dimensional work.

  1. Each work must be suitable for public display within the County City Building, as determined by the selection committee in its sole discretion.
  2. The exhibition space is approximately 54 total feet and weight of any individuals framed piece may not exceed 90 pounds. Floor Plan Layout (PDF)
  3. Artists shall assume all costs for matting, framing, hanging hardware (ready to hang with wire on the back), pedestals for 3-D work (clear Lucite and/or another protective covering is recommended), transporting and insurance, and are required to assist in the installation and take down process.
  4. Artists will be required to execute a "placement agreement" holding the Exhibition Coordinator, Public Building Commission, County and City harmless from any damage, theft or loss.
  5. Following an established informational and aesthetic prototype, Artists may create a professional placard for each piece of art noting title, medium and price.
  6. Artists shall create an 8 1/2 inch by 11 inch Artist Statement including contact information to be displaced as a part of the exhibit. The artist will be responsible for responding directly to any inquiries.
  7. Unless the Public Building Commission determines that public benefit requires early removal of an exhibit or portion thereof, installed artwork must be exhibited throughout the three/four-month display period, regardless of whether it may have been sold.
  8. Artists may create and mail an invitation providing information about his or her exhibition including a title or theme, building hours, etc.
  9. Artists will be provided the opportunity to host one evening reception for the public in the first floor hallway of the County City Building in conjunction with the First Friday Art Walk to be scheduled and organized in cooperation with the Exhibition Coordinator. All food, beverages, napkins, cups, etc. shall be provided by the Artist. Alcoholic beverages may not be served.

Exhibition Coordinator's Responsibilities

  1. On an annual basis, work with the Selection Committee to select four Nebraska Artists to exhibit their two-dimensional work within the County City Building's first floor hallway.
  2. Coordinate an installation schedule and assist the Artists in installing and taking down their work.
  3. Coordinate all receptions and press release materials
  4. Communicate regularly with the Public Building Commission on matters concerning the exhibitions including reception schedules, press releases, etc.